Why do you need to send newsletters to your company's customers?

di Ian Dunsford

The question requires a thorough analysis

What is the newsletter?

The newsletter or DEM (Direct Email Marketing) is a message sent via email systems for email addresses. The content of the message is generally a promotional or commercial type, but also informative.

Why is the newsletter a fundamental asset of a company's strategies?

Doing Direct Email Marketing, if you do not do it yet, should be an important communication tool for your company towards your audience, to support our statements just check the search traffic for the word "newsletter" on Google Trends and on Sem Rush to understand how important this communication tool is.

Remember a newsletter is more effective if sent to an email public interested in receiving that type of information and the more profiled we are able to obtain a good result.

In line with the new GDPR privacy regulations, lists of emails collected with the right authorizations become one of the company's assets.

Good communication can become a source of income towards an appropriate target because every contact can become a "Conversion" or a sale.

Some data

According to Sem Rush, the country that most invests in the sector is North America, followed by Germany and the United Kingdom..

Regarding user responsiveness, our statistical observatory indicates that Portugal, Sweden and Finland are among the most reactive countries with an Open Rate (e-mail rate) of 60%.

The sectors that best lend themselves to the use of the newsletter are the B2B sector with the Insurance, Banking and Financial sectors, in the B2B and B2C sectors are the consulting and professional sectors.

Objective benefits of email marketing

During the survey carried out by HubSpot on a sample of professionals in the sector, 59% of respondents indicated the newsletter as a preferred communication tool in the B2B area.

Among the benefits we can report:

The possibility of obtaining constant access to a website
    1. Communicate new content online
    2. Communicate the launch of a new product
    3. Creation and independent management of newsletters
    4. Possibility to plan the sending of messages even in several stages.
    5. Detailed report and certification of the results of a campaign
    6. Possibility of making customized communications for a single user from a profiled list.
    7. Easy to use software
In conclusion

In a marketing campaign we always suggest using the www.mailmarketing.com tool to finalize the marketing plan.

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