Send again the same newsletter to those who haven't opened it?


How to deal with those subscribers who have received an email and have not opened it?

Send a second newsletter to try to get different results?

The importance of re-engagement activities is too often underestimated. The attitude of users fluctuates between those who continue to send emails without taking into account the behavior of their recipients to those who quickly remove inactive users from their lists.

After performing a series of activities, investing your time and perhaps advertising budgets to get those contacts, would you just let them go?

From our research we found out how sending the same newsletter after 3-10 days with the same or different subject can improve opening rates up to +7%.

Mail Marketing allows you to perform re-engagement activities in a few steps. After each sending, lists of users are automatically created based on engagement (opening or not opening the email). You can then change the subject line and quickly schedule a new newsletter delivery only to users who have not opened the email, improving your results.

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