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3 Reasons Why Your Emails Go to Spam (and How to Keep them Out)

Perform list management tasks frequently

  • Monitor hard and soft bounces as well as inactive recipients. Persistent emails to these addresses will get your connections deferred.
  • Consider sending a reconfirmation email to inactive subscribers periodically. Or just remove them entirely. (use bad contact data cleaner inside )
  • Sending email to users who are not reading them, or who mark them as "spam," will hurt your delivery metrics and reputation.

Send email only to those who want it

  • Use and honor an opt-in method of subscription for your mailing list. Make sure subscribers have actively verified their intent to receive your mailings.
  • Honor the frequency of the list's intent. Don't start sending daily emails to subscribers of your monthly mailing.
  • Honor unsubscribe requests quickly.

Review email content for common characteristics of spam

  • Test your emails' visual look with image placeholders. Many users won't see images in your email by default.
  • Link to domains, not IP addresses.
  • Use standard ports.
  • Don't include: HTML forms, JavaScript, or embedded objects (like flash or ActiveX.)
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