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If you haven't already planned to send a Mother's Day Newsletter, we advise you to do it as soon as possible.

Mother's Day is one of the most famous secular celebrations in the world, and it is not difficult to understand why it is so important, since it is a day dedicated to the most important woman in the life of all of us. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world: In many places in Europe this festivity falls on the second Sunday of May.


If on the one hand this is an event with a strong symbolic and affective value, on the other hand it represents a great opportunity for companies to develop catchy marketing campaigns that make a breakthrough in the hearts of consumers: it is undeniable that this festival has taken on an increasingly commercial aspect over the years.

Usually the main recipients of marketing actions are two: the mothers and their sons or husbands, as they are the most likely to go searching for a gift. Flowers and jewelry are among the most requested items, but also ebooks, travel, body products, photographs, just to mention a few.

If in your country, due to the Coronavirus emergency, some moments of sharing - such as dinner at a restaurant or a massage at a spa centre - are not yet possible on 9 May, you can still postpone them to another time. So why not offer a promotion which mothers could take advantage of when the opportunity arises? On the other hand, those who run an e-commerce business during those days could invite users to purchase a gift to be delivered by Sunday 9.

As in all the special occasions of the year (for example Christmas, Father's Day, Valentine's Day) the communication campaigns dedicated to Mother's Day involve the main online channels, first and foremost social and e-mail marketing, with a particular propensity for the newsletter. In fact, the newsletter is one of the simplest and most immediate tools to get in touch with users, both if you want to promote an offer well in advance and for last minute discounts.

But in order to be really effective, how should a newsletter be structured on Mother's Day? Here we try to give you some advices on the subject. 

Set your goal

Before you even build your newsletter, ask yourself this question: what is the purpose of my communication and who is the recipient? You may choose to address to mothers by offering them a discount or a coupon to use at their next purchase, or to children and husbands by informing them of a range of products to choose from for their gift. In any case, it is important to have a clear idea about the goal you want to achieve, so as to optimize time and resources and set up an ad hoc message that is truly effective and related to the objective.

Use a custom template

On the web are now circulating many newsletters templates already seen and reviewed, which due to their widespread use risk being banal or unattractive. This risk is even higher on an occasion like this, when most of the competing companies have set up their own marketing campaign and we want to create a messagge that stands out from the others. For this reason it is preferable to build a newsletter from scratch, choosing carefully every graphic element.
In this regard, we recommend you take advantage of the "Do It Yourself Editor" option on Mail Marketing, through which you can fully customize the newsletter, inserting the graphic and/or textual elements as you like. We suggest you to always look for the right balance between image and text, and distance the various parts between them, highlighting the most important words, such as "Mom", "Surprise", "Special", "Original", so that the reading is smooth and the message arrives loud and clear.

Think of a captivating object and preheader

If it is true that the structure of the newsletter must be taken care of in every part, it is equally true that our efforts will have been in vain if users do not open the email. That's why we also need to pay attention to the choice of the subject line and the preheader, which is the line following the subject line and provides a further anticipation of the newsletter message.

Both elements, although short, must be able to make the consumer curious and make them want to find out more. Since this is a very heartfelt party, the vocabulary could also draw on the emotional sphere with terms such as "embrace", "emotion", "love". In this period you can then refer to the theme of social distancing, so a good object could be "Surprise your mom even at a distance" or "Embrace her with a special thought", while the preheader would provide some more information on what is proposed in the text, but always keeping the characters of brevity and essentiality. Naturally, the two elements must be consistent both with the content of the message and with each other: they should be thought of in such a way that one is the continuation of the other.
Please note: some words - especially those related to the economic sphere - are often intercepted by mail servers as spam and should therefore be avoided; here are some examples: "free", "free", "gift", "pay", "discount", "urgent", "take advantage". In addition, to ensure that our communication does not end up in spam, we must avoid indiscriminate use of capitals or excessive use of exclamation points and similar punctuation marks.

Be brief but exhaustive

As we said for the subject line, the text of the message should be consistent with the initial objective.
Do you run a travel agency and want to offer a discount to moms on their next vacation? A good text in this case should contain keywords that enhance the benefits of travel - especially after the lockdown phase we are all experiencing - and the unmissable offer. For those who have an e-commerce and want to entice their children and/or husband to give a gift to their mother, it is advisable to set up a message that induces the user to make the purchase immediately, so as not to miss the opportunity and make sure to receive the product in time for Sunday.
As mentioned above, it is important to always focus on a correct balance between text and image, so as not to weigh the message down. Remember that the main purpose of the newsletter is to make the reader take an immediate action: it is therefore preferable not to dwell on long messages, but to prefer simple and concise phrases, minimizing the use of subordinate and long periods. For more complex and articulated texts you can use the blog: if you have written an article with advice on products to buy to surprise your mother, the newsletter will be the tool through which to push the user to read the article. The key element in this case will be the landing page, the landing page that the visitor will access by clicking on the link conveyed through the Call to action. We will talk about this in the next point.

Don't forget the Call to action

It can be said that the heart of the newsletter is the Call To Action, that is, the phrase with effect - generally an imperative verb conveyed through a brightly colored button - which invites the reader to click and perform an action (buy a product, download a catalog, access the registration form of a site, etc.). For it to work, the CTA must express a sense of urgency that prompts the user to click immediately to take advantage of the service offered. So if you want to induce readers to buy a gift, the CTA could be "Buy now", if the aim is to make the user choose a particular item from a range of discounted products, the message could be "Choose the gift here". CTAs are even more efficient if preceded by a direct and effective message expressing the need to satisfy an urgent need. So the text that anticipates "Buy now" could be "The offer expires in 24 hours".
In order for there to be continuity between the colours of the brand and that of the button, it is preferable that this takes up exactly the main shade of the logo.

Set your contact list

When you have set up your newsletter and everything is ready to send it, the last important step to take is to select the list of contacts who will receive the e-mail. What matters in this case is not only the e-mail address of the recipients, but also the personal data that was collected for their profiling. If at the time of registering to our mailing list we asked the user to indicate their gender and whether or not they have children, we will also be able to select only mothers from those lists and send them personalized newsletters for the occasion, with a special discount or even a simple greeting message.
Mail Marketing offers the useful tools for your list segmentation activities, in fact when creating the address books, each of them can be customized with the addition of extra fields as desired in addition to the one for the email address. Moreover, through custom fields, you can adapt some sections of the text to the individual customer, such as the name, or the type of promotion if you have established different discounts depending on the target.

The possibilities offered by e-mail marketing to make your communication unique, engaging and tailored to the customer are really many. If you use it properly, an important occasion like Mother's Day will not go unnoticed. On the contrary, it will be decisive to bring you into contact with the products or experiences offered by our company and, as far as mothers are concerned, to show them how much our brand cares about such a heartfelt occasion.

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