8 March is approaching fast: Create now your Women's Day Newsletters

di Francesca Columbu

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8 March, International Women's Day, is approaching. It is a very significant date as it celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Because of its historical relevance and its moral and ethical value, a great importance is given to this day by companies, which can thus demonstrate the closeness of their brand to women and to such fundamental issues as those of non-violence and equal rights.

At the same time, this day has become for many companies an opportunity to "pamper" the female public with specific products and services and, why not, also with special promotions.

Whatever your message is, there is no doubt that it should be communicated through the right channels and at the right time; and what better tool to get in direct contact with your target audience, at limited costs, than the newsletter?

If you are planning a marketing campaign for the 8th of March, you can't ignore email marketing. In this article we would like to give you some tips on how to set up your newsletter for such a special occasion.

Womens day

Choose your message

  • Socially responsible message

Although the 8th of March has become a commercial holiday over the years, its social value and accompanying ethos is undeniable. In particular, there is a certain group of people, such as Millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996) and Generation Z (those born between 1997 and 2012), who pay a lot of attention to the companies they buy from and are generally more socially aware. This is also evidenced by a July 2020 research conducted by Deloitte, which found out that Millennials and Gen Z see the Coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to build a more equitable, sustainable and inclusive society. What do the results of this study suggest? The answer is simple: you should make this valuable information relevant and use it to your advantage by taking the right approach when addressing this audience. In the specific case of 8 March, you could, for example, take the opportunity to involve the women in your company and introduce them to your target audience, emphasising the importance of their work, with images but also with videos. Or you could simply write some reflections on this day or, if you sell products/services close to the theme, you could give some advice on how to choose them: for example, a bookshop could propose a selection of books written by women who have stood out for their battles and their courage and who have been an inspiration to other women.

  • Promotional offer

Discounts are always welcome. So why not take them into account for a special occasion like this? For example, if you have a restaurant you could create a special offer for lunch or takeaway (depending on the possibilities given by the Covid limitations), if you have a beauty salon it would be interesting to have a promotion dedicated to women on a particular treatment, or if you work in a clothing shop you could offer a special discount for all women's clothes. Not to mention florists: they can't pass up the opportunity to offer their best bouquets at reduced prices for this occasion. The list would be endless. Think about what you have among your products that is most "close to women", what is most sought after and appreciated by the female public, and base your message on this.

Select the target audience

Each of the types of message referred to above will have its own audience. As the undisputed protagonists of this day are women, it is clear that the main target audience will be female, but our advice is to make sure that this will not be the only one. With the example of the Millennials and Generation X, we have seen how important it is to differentiate between age groups if we have the biographical information of our contacts. But why not also consider men? In fact, we don't rule out the possibility that men might be interested in giving a gift to their mother, sister or girlfriend.

There are two ways to select different targets in Mail Marketing: you can either upload different files in different sections or, when sending, you can use the filters available in Step 4 "Select target" (for example, to include only women, you could create a custom field corresponding to their gender and filter the contacts with "Include").

Schedule multiple mailings

Don't limit yourself to just one newsletter, especially if it is a special promotion. Users receive so many communications every day that one message may not be enough. It may happen that the email is not opened or that it ends up in spam and, above all, the risk of a single communication is that those who receive it forget about your proposal, so it is important to send more than one message, with different timing, depending mainly on the time of production or shipping in the case of online purchases. If it is a physical shop, the first communication could be sent about ten days before the day and the second one just one-two days before the holiday.

Integrate communication on several channels

Newsletters play a strategic role in communication, but they are not the only tool at our disposal. Today we are lucky enough to be able to choose from a wide range of channels: email, social media (paid and unpaid), text messages and so on. Why not use them to our advantage? With integrated communication, we will certainly have a better chance of getting our message out there.

So all you have to do is arm yourself with a spirit of observation and inventiveness, and start writing your emails. Get your multichannel campaign off the ground!

And do it now, 8 March is already here!

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