What is the best day and time to send the newsletter?

di Tommaso Marinetti

Practical tips for sending a successful newsletter

Identifying the right day and time to send your commercial emails could determine the success or failure of your campaign, and it's not always easy to understand the best time for a specific product and market.

Do some long-term testing, analyze the data and then proceed in the best possible way.

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Nowadays, smartphones allows everybody to stay always connected and there is no doubt that email control is greater.

According to data from www.mailmarketing.com, it can be seen that the opening of emails can vary from three to five days but 70% of users open the email within 3 hours of receipt (during working hours).

More precisely, it seems that the opening rate is slightly better for the campaigns sent on Tuesday. Howewer, it would be good to set different times and days for our campaigns and then verify which one works better. Once you have identified it for your target market, you will see that it will always tend to repeat this best result case study.

By the way, it is advisable to continue planning and sending a reduced number of emails out of your predefined hours, because in this way you could reach a catchment area that has different habits from the mass of your users.

For timetables, however, the statistics speak for themselves: the highest rate of email opening and clicks is recorded around the first hour after arrival in the mailbox.

It is clear that this first hour may be crucial. You need to increase the number of conversions, maximizing views and clicks.

In general, the best time to send your newsletter is between 9am and 10am and from 3pm to 4pm in the early afternoon.

Understanding that this is the best time to send your promotional emails is not difficult. Most people check their mail as soon as they arrive at the office, but it is also true that they may give priority to business communications.

So, here's another tip: send the newsletter between 12:00 and 15:00, when readers are normally on break. Obviously this is just an advice, but it's worthwhile to proceed by trial and error: the positive or negative outcome of these strategies is linked to the habits of the addressee, so don't forget to try different options in order to see if you succeed in catching any non-standard user.

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