Newsletter for Internal Corporate Communication: 5 Practical Tips


How to write a good Newsletter for your company's employees

In any company it is essential that there is a good degree of collaboration between employees in order that they cooperate for business growth. In particular, it is important that every single employee feels himself/herself as an active part of this development process, so that they are even more motivated and encouraged to give their best.

What connects team members more than anything else is the exchange of information. That's why it would be very useful to think of a company newsletter, which not only acts as a tool for connecting and sharing news, but also represents one of the means through which to interact with colleagues, open up to discussion and, why not, have fun. A bit of lightness is needed in these months marked by the effects of the Coronavirus. And there is a need for interconnection, especially for those companies that have extended the smart working, because employees have lost those moments of confrontation between colleagues typical of the office, as well as all those opportunities for socialization during coffee breaks or lunch breaks; in this period everything goes through the screen of a PC.

Especially for this reason, now more than ever, a company newsletter could make the difference. But how should it be structured and what issues should it address? We try to give you 5 concrete suggestions in this article.

Prepare an editorial calendar

As with newsletters to clients, newsletters to colleagues should follow the basic principles of email marketing. Starting from the definition of the objectives that you want to achieve through the different communications (weekly or monthly, depending on the needs), it is therefore necessary to create an editorial calendar that defines what you want to communicate and with what timing, always taking into account that the target audience is in this case the employee.

With regard to the issues to be addressed, these can be different: new products or services offered by the company, industry trends, some reflections of the CEO, training opportunities for employees, events, etc..

It all depends of course on the needs and priorities of each company.

Create attention-grabbing content

In order to ensure that the newsletter is not heavy and boring, but on the contrary is engaging and becomes an expected appointment, it is good to focus on creating content that can attract the reader's attention as much as possible and jump immediately to the eye, even in terms of graphics.

In this regard, it can be helpful to distance the individual components of the newsletter, for example the text sections from the images, so that the reading sounds smooth and it is given more emphasis to the elements considered most important.

We remind you that on Mail Marketing you can customize your newsletter by choosing one of the many preset templates or create a new one through the “Do it Yourself” Editor.

Insert fixed elements

To make the newsletter easier to read, it would also be useful to include fixed elements, so that each employee can immediately identify the section that is more related to him/her. Thinking of a company made up of different work sectors within it, a distinction could therefore be made between the news related to the different departments, not only in terms of content but also in terms of graphics.

This will also help the user's memory process in relation to the content: it is the same logic behind the formats of television programs, for example, in which the same basic scheme is proposed, as that makes it recognizable but also generates a sense of expectation towards it.

Promote conversation among employees

A good newsletter should involve the person you are talking to, in this case the employee, and ensure that, if there are problems at work, they emerge and the issue is addressed in order to reach a conclusion as soon as possible.

One way to get the perception of how employees see the company and what difficulties they encounter on a daily basis is to create an ad hoc questionnaire, to be submitted anonymously, in which questions are asked about the level of job satisfaction, the degree of involvement with the company, about how happy employees are with their salary and any benefits, etc..

Make it fun

The work occupies most of the hours of our day and, as a result, it often happens that a good level of confidence between colleagues is reached and that, consequently, some of them from simple collaborators turn into friends. This is why a company newsletter can go beyond business and productivity related communication.

You can think of including something fun, for example photos, videos, memes, or crosswords whose questions are related to curious episodes of the employees themselves, social links for sharing articles, images that entertain the team, in short, any element related to moments of leisure during the working week.

And maybe this section could even be the one that most of all creates expectation towards the weekly/monthly newsletter, so why not take it into consideration?

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