Mobile-friendly is a must


Only 16% open you mail from desktop

From the Litmus State of Email 2017 report, mobile is a full head and shoulders ahead of other devices when it comes to open rate for email. Where 54% of people open their emails on mobile, only 16% open from desktop.

If your email is not properly formatted or coded for mobile devices, your credibility as a modern digital player is going to plunge. But what does ‘mobile-friendly’ look like? What does it even mean?

The hacks are boundless, and merit a separate article entirely (stay tuned, folks). One important point though is to code for flexibility, with the awareness that different email clients will be installed on different devices. For instance, where iPhone 6 users may be predominantly using Apple iPhone’s inbuilt email, those on an Android Samsung will not. Before you begin, investigate which email client your audience uses most. Once this has been sussed out, you can begin coding from there.

A few other handy tips:

  • Your column width shouldn’t span more than 650px wide
  • Your column layout should be singular
  • Your text should appear at a size that won’t induce eye strain
  • Code for image optimisation to minimise page loading time
  • You should definitely hire a good copywriter so your email subject lines don’t go on and on, full of waffle, because, I mean, for one, they’re going to get cut off on the screen aren’t they, and who’s going to even want to click on that? Nobody
  • Keep subject lines short
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