How to Correctly Write the Email Subject

di Luigi Marinetti

A series of tips to improve the subject line of your email campaign

Few topics in Email Marketing are much debated as the subject. Insiders cyclically wonder about the words they should insert, those to avoid, the ideal length, possible emoji and punctuation rules.

Although today the factors that affect the deliverability of an email go well beyond the words chosen for the subject line, it is certainly important to keep some rules in mind:

  • Avoid capitalizing
  • Avoid exclamation points
  • Minimize punctuation
  • Avoid currency symbols and too many digits

Although the debate is still open, there is a tendency to discourage the use of certain categories of terms in the subject line:

  • Offer Indicators: Free, Offer, Promotion, Gift, Loan, etc.
  • Indicators of urgency: Limited time, hurry, etc.
  • Call to action related to orders/Money: Ask for a quote, Buy now, Order now, etc.
  • Abused expressions and spammy: You won't believe your eyes, The secret no one wants to reveal, etc.

Please note: on the one hand, the inclusion of prohibited words does not automatically trigger delivery in spam, on the other hand, an object written according to best practices (whatever they are) is no guarantee of delivery in the recipients' inbox.

Obviously, it is a difficult job because you have to lead users to open the mail, for this purpose the advice is to include the CUSTOM fields (name, surname, etc.) also within the subject line. So, as always, have a clean and well populated database are the basis of sending.

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