Email marketing automation: what it is and what it is for

di Alessandro Mollicone

Increase the number of potential customers and try to win back inactive users with Email Automation

Marketing Automation is a set of useful tools you need to automate the marketing operations of a company, with the aim of customizing and improving the experience of each user, optimizing the corporate marketing process. The procedure to follow is simple and involves a few steps: the automatic message sent through Marketing Automation is created and set up at the beginning by a manager of the company specialized in the sector, then it is sent to the contacts independently, according to the pre-set settings, thus creating an e-mail and SMS campaign.

Advantages and uses of Email Marketing Automation

The EMA (Email Marketing Automation) allows to reduce time and simplify the marketing activities of companies, with the primary aim of creating a network of loyal customers, who can enjoy personalized services and diversified and effective responses to their needs. Email Marketing Automation is nothing more than a set of digital marketing techniques, carried out through the use of software that facilitates the mailing activity, increases the number of potential customers and tries to win back inactive users, promoting the products and services offered by the company, in an effective and profitable way.
Once the database with the list of potential customers has been created, the first thing to do is to send a welcome e-mail (welcome series) to each new subscriber, giving the user the essential information about the company and making known the activities and services it offers to its customers, sending, for example, discounts and coupon codes in order to encourage a first purchase. In a second moment, an e-mail is sent to a selected target of users, offering them personalized services. Then, we thank those who responded with positive feedback, buying the products advertised and, a few days later, we send a further e-mail to an increasingly narrow target audience, offering them products and services designed ad hoc. Finally, the almost loyal users will be further contacted by the sales sector for an increasingly direct approach and by providing them with personalized services and special offers. The customer's behaviour therefore influences the communication activities of the company, which has the primary objective of satisfying the user in all his needs, creating a direct and almost confidential channel with him.

Email Marketing Automation: the importance of software

Marketing campaigns through the web have now become indispensable both for professionals and for small, medium and large companies, which aim to attract new potential customers and create a network of loyal users, improving relations with them and optimizing sales processes. However, launching an EMA campaign is complex and not easy to implement, so you need the support of software that manages automation processes, sending regular e-mails and monitoring users' tastes and actions, leaving nothing to chance. Mcloud has therefore developed software capable of automating and optimizing these processes through API integrations, aiming to make the work of those involved in marketing increasingly streamlined and at the same time more effective.

At the base of this process there must always be a very large mailing list, i.e. full of email contacts, an essential factor to achieve a good email marketing automation activity, where the company manages to maintain a lively and interactive relationship with its contacts, sending them specific messages based on the responses obtained, the behavior, interests and personal characteristics of each recipient, thus boosting the possibility of increasing sales.

The mechanisms for sending e-mails are automatic, but the constant human work of analysis, strategy and design that is upstream is essential for the proper functioning of marketing processes, managed by professionals specialized in the field, who take into account the tastes of each user to send specific offers and promote the brand products suitable for individual needs. Mcloud provides software that allows you to easily and quickly create an Email Marketing Automation campaign, through its online platform, defining a target email with business type, with geographical filter and by type that will be installed in the system for automatic sending.
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